Tek-Thermal 1700B Thermal Mass Flow Meter



Tek-Thermal 1700B Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Measuring Principle and Operation of a Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Tek-Thermal 1700B measures the gas mass flow based on Thermal Diffusion theory.  One sensor measures the velocity of gas flow (Rh) and the other sensor detects the temperature shift of gas flow (Rmg).  When there are two RTDs in gas flow, Rh will be heated and Rmg will sense the temperature difference.  As the velocity of gas flow increases, more heat will dissipate and so the temperature read by Rh will decline.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Function

Tek-Thermal 1700B Thermal Mass Flowmeter design is based on constant power measuring method, thus the RTD is heated on a consistent power and will be more durable and stable.  Due to that, Tek-Thermal 1700B has less problem of zero-off which may cause a function failure of RTD due to overheating the term.

Additional information

Tek-Thermal Proc. Con.

C Insertion (NPT)

Tek-Therm Ins. Probe

4 10" Probe Length, 0.5" Diameter, 1" to 20" Pipe Diameter

Tek-Thermal Vel. Range

1 1.96 to 196.8 ft/sec, 2 .98 to 98 ft/sec, 3 2.9 to 295.2 ft/sec

Tek-Thermal Mount

R Remote Mount (comes with 15 ft. of cable), T Direct Mount

Tek-Thermal Material

2 316 SS

Tek-Thermal Pressure

1 232 PSI Max Pressure

Tek-Thermal Output

7 Pulse, 4-20mA, HART, 8 Pulse, 4-20mA, Modbus RS-485

Tek-Thermal Power

1 13.5 to 42 VDC, 2 85 to 265 VAC

Tek-Thermal Diag.

B Bluetooth