Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter



 Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Insertion electromagnetic flow meters are also called as Insertion Mag-meters.  They are contact instruments.  Therefore, they are used for measuring the volumetric flow rates of any fluids that can adequately conduct electricity in closed pipelines.  These instruments are highly accurate, reliable, and stable devices.  As a result, they are used in various high-pressure industrial processes.

Measuring Principle

The Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion electromagnetic flow meter operates on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Induction.  According to this principle, any change in the magnetic flux linked to an electric circuit causes an electromotive force (or voltage) to be induced in this circuit.  The induced voltage is therefore directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux with time.


The flow meter consists of two electromagnetic coils that are mounted on opposite sides of a non-magnetic measuring tube.  Two electrodes are fitted inside the tube to detect the voltage generated by the conducting fluid.  Although these electrodes come into contact with the fluid, they do not obstruct its flow.  When current is applied to the coils, they generate an alternating magnetic field across the cross-sectional area of the tube.  A fluid flowing through the magnetic field acts as a conductor, and a voltage is induced.  As a result, the induced voltage is picked up by the electrodes.  From there it is sent to a transmitter that is either mounted on the flow meter or connected remotely.  The transmitter calculates the volumetric flow rate and displays the output.

How an electromagnetic flow meter works


  • Adjustable depth
  • Used in pipes from 4″ to 80″
  • Comes with isolation valve
  • No moving parts
  • Multiple Signal Outputs

Additional information

Tek-Flux Mount

1 Direct Mount

Tek-Flux Output

H 4-20 mA, Pulse, HART, S 4-20 mA, Pulse, Modbus RS485

Tek-Flux Electrodes

HC Hastelloy C

Tek-Flux Ins Length

1 20" Probe

Tek-Flux Power

1 18-28 VDC, 2 85-220 VAC

Tek-Flux Ins. Electrode Cap


Tek-Flux Ins Proc. Con.

1 Isolation Valve with Blowout Preventer 1.5" MNPT, 2 Isolation Valve with Blowout Preventer 2" MNPT Weldolet Process Connection, 3 Blowout Preventer, No Valve 1.5" MNPT Process Connection