Venturi Differential Pressure FlowMeter Tek-DP 1640A SERIES

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  • It is simple, robust, reliable
  • No moving parts
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Low operating cost
  • Accurate, reliable, cost effective


Venturi Differential Pressure Flow-Meter Tek-DP 1640A.  A perfect flow measurement solution.  Venturi Flow-Meters are used for a  wide range of clean liquids and gases. Our Venturi Flow-Meters are low-pressure metering devices with a superior design.  As a result, one can expect constant accuracy and greater capacity.  In addition, one can also expect high-pressure recovery, and minimal permanent pressure loss.  The Venturi tube can be installed in any position.  Therefore, feel free to install horizontally, vertically, or any angle in between.  The Tek-DP 1640A is available in two different models.  One model is for normal liquid applications.  Another model is for wet gas applications.  Venturi Differential Pressure Flow-Meter.