TEK-DP 1630A SERIES Nozzle differential pressure flow meter

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  • Suitable for high temperature and high-pressure applications
  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Measures flow rate containing solid particles
  • Suitable for high speed flowing fluids


Tek-DP 1630A Nozzle Differential Pressure Flow Meter is commonly used for flow measurement.  Also called primary elements, they are used in differential-pressure flow meters to generate a pressure drop in the flow meter.  This in turn measures the volumetric flow rate of any fluid or gas flowing through a pipeline. These devices are characterized by their simple design, easy installation, highly accurate, reliable measurements. They are ideal for measuring high-pressure, high-temperature, high-velocity fluids, gases. The flow nozzles are more expensive than orifice due to their structure, however, they are suitable for determining the flow rate of fluids at high temperature and high pressure. Tek-DP 1630A is also suitable for high speed flowing fluid.