Quantim Coriolis Mass Flow Controller


Quantim Coriolis Mass Flow Controller

The most accurate measurement and control for very low-flow applications.  When you need the most accuracy, consider the Quantim Coriolis mass flow controller for your process. A proven technology, Coriolis is a true mass flow measurement rather than inferred based upon a flow measurement.

Key reasons why our Quantim Coriolis mass flow controllers are widely used:

  • Most accurate mass flow meter available
  • Insensitive to fluid type
  • Variety of enclosure options – up to NEMA 4X/IP66
  • High pressure capability for demanding research applications


  • Catalyst research
  • Liquid precursor delivery to Vaporizers
  • Precision coating
  • High accuracy filling stations
  • Metering pump feedback/control loop


  • True mass flow measurement
  • Accurate density measurement
  • 100% of fluid flows through low-mass sensor tube (no bypass)
  • The Quantim® Coriolis series’ proprietary optical sensing technique enables accuracy at extreme low flows
  • Measures both liquids and gases over a wide flow range
  • Coplanar valve delivers super-fast response times
  • The Quantim® Coriolis series’ offers the smallest, lowest-flow Coriolis meter and controller available on the market
  • Measures and outputs two of four parameters: mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, density
  • Independent diagnostic/service port and user display
  • Variety of material options, enclosure types and area classifications available


  • Advanced sensor and tube technology enable accuracy at extreme low flows
  • Process chemistry and/or process conditions can be altered without the need to change or recalibrate the measurement system
  • Multivariable outputs improve and simplify process monitoring and diagnostics, increasing yields and reducing cost of ownership
  • Integrated sensor, valve and PID control in one package simplifies purchase, installation and startup
  • Reaches set point in <2 seconds reducing wasted material
  • Compact size enables easy integration into intricate process systems
  • The Quantim® Coriolis series’ has no internal moving parts, which minimizes maintenance


  • Vacuum processes
  • Catalyst research
  • Liquid precursor delivery to vaporizers
  • Precision coating
  • High accuracy filling stations
  • Metering pump feedback/control loop

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